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Welcome by Witchtok Love Spells Brighid

Witchtok Spells, Baby Witchy Tipps, Love Spell natural Witchtok

Welcome witches sisters
Find yourself back to your roots
through connection to the earth
Let yourself be enchanted by the magical energies of nature.
Welcome to Magic of Brighid and Otherworld too.
Let yourself be seduced into a magical world of old myths and fairy tales.
There was once…..
And they all lived happily everafter.
This is how old legends and fairy tales begin and end.
The modern world has lost the old magic of fantasy.
We are working on resurrecting this old magic.

Welcome Witches Sisters, Witchtok,Bienvenue soeurs Sorcières, 
Benvenute Streghe, Bienvenidas Brujas, WitchTok Video.

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Magic of Brighid
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Witchtok Magic of Brighid

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A way of life that is as close to nature as possible 
in a highly technical civilization.
Experience the forces of nature.

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Bienvenido Brujas a Brighid.

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 Neopaganism is one since the 19th century
emerging religious and cultural currents,
which are mainly based on ancient, Celtic, Germanic
and Slavic paganism as well as non-European ones
orientate towards ethnic religions.
adherents of neopagan worldviews,
are several million worldwide.
Wicca and Related Movements
are according to different estimates
of several thousand with up to 100,000 followers
in Germany the largest neo-pagan trend.
By the 1990's the number of Wiccan followers 
was estimated at more than 200,000 in the US,
Estimated at 30,000 in Britain. About Wikipedia Link: 
BBC News Secret life of modern-day witches Info Link:

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Witchtok, Baby witch spells, Welcome to Magic of Brighid 

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Hexenrituale Sorcieres Strega Bruja Witchcraft


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Sorcieres Meditation Rituelle du Feu K4, Streghe Meditazione Rituale del fuoco K4, Witches Fire K4

Witch fire meditation, Meditation sur le feu de la Sorciere, Meditazione del fuoco delle Streghe, Meditación de fuego de Bruja, Hexen Feuer Meditation
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Oktober 1986 bis Gegenwart




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