Magic of Brighid magic Sprays

With the Magic of Brighid line, I would like to offer a natural alternative 
to the chemical-based Anna Riva oils. 
Another enrichment in the field of magic oils are my sprays, 
which make the usage even easier since they are 100% natural.
They consist of 92% denatured bioethanol and to 8% of 8 different natural essential oils.
The production of a perfume is a complex process, 
depending on the natural essential oils used in the process can be very different.
Production of pure natural essential oils:
This method is suitable for not particularly sensitive raw materials, 
such as herbs and woods.
Substances and water are heated in a boiler. 
The resulting steam enables the fragrances to escape from the plants 
and essential oils to be obtained. 
Natural essential oils form the character of the Magic of Brighid perfume, 
which is composed of a top, heart and base note.
While the top note appears intensively in the first minutes after application, 
the heart note only appears later. 
The basic scent, however, is perceptible in the background all the time.
Compare yourself and feel the difference with all your senses.
Use sprays only as room sprays or on clothing.
Compare yourself and feel the difference with all your senses.


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